Pumpkin Spice Latte Review - Starbucks Coffee

Pumpkin Spice Latte is a much celebrated drink every fall in America, or so I have heard over the years.  I have not been told that, but gathered that from comments from both friends and strangers over the years.  There are many Starbucks coffee fans, but this particular latte really does something for people.

I had to try it at least once.  I did, and I wasn't disappointed.  It is a latte, creamy with pumpkin flavor and spice and sweet.  The pumpkin isn't overbearing, but it is there, and I am pretty much an instant fan.  I sipped it and enjoyed it, and finally felt like I had been able to try what so many other people talk about all the time! It is to the point now that many of the lovers of this fine coffee drink will think me crazy for not trying it sooner.  I don't know why I have not!

Many of us enjoy a good pumpkin pie, or cake, or treat of any kind during the fall.  I also enjoy bringing out or buying pumpkin and spice candles, etc.  What greater way to ring in the fall with a pumpkin spice latte?

If you haven't tried one before, or if it has been a long time, I hope you will treat yourself to this amazing treat sometime.

They made it for me at the Starbucks of Highway K and Feise Road, not far from Hwy 70 in O'fallon Missouri this time.

I Love Lemon - Tea Review

Bigelow makes a great lemon tea called "I Love Lemon." It is an herb tea, and since I love lemon and tea I had to try this. I may have tried it long ago, and just didn't remember.

What struck me partly, was the amount of different herbs put into it. Often, there isn't much, but it can still taste rather lemony. This tea looks like it has a great combination of flavors and kinds of herbs.

This lemon tea has rose hips, as you could probably imagine. It has lemongrass, lemon verbena, lemon peel, peppermint leaves, and hibiscus. Its chock full of great lemon flavor.

Up trying this tea again, while paying closer attention, I noticed the amazing aroma. You can definitely get some aromatherapy benefits out of sipping this tea! Take in the aroma, enjoy the lemon scents as well as the flavor. This tea has all the components in it that make me love a good tea. It states that you can make this iced as well, which I am sure is absolutely wonderful. Try it, and enjoy the healthful benefits as well that come from the great variety of herbs and plants included in this! I love it. It could be a favorite lemon tea for sure.

Thanks Bigelow, this is one great tea. I highly recommend it to others.

Refresh Tea by Tazo - A Review

Refresh Herbal Tea by Tazo 

I love all kinds of teas, and I mean really love teas!  Herbal teas are my favorite to have in the evenings, especially before bed or if I am stressed out any time of the day.  This great tea called Refresh, by Tazo is one I tried tonight for the first time.  The ingredients that go into it are basic.  They are, peppermint, spearmint and tarragon.  I love mint teas, but this is the first time I have seen one with something as unique as tarragon added to it. 

The minute I opened up the package, I could smell the wonderful aroma.  After steeping the tea, it was even better to take in the fragrance of these lovely smells.  Try it sometime if you never have.  You might just love it like I do! 

This tea comes highly recommended, and it doesn't surprise me a bit as I have enjoyed Tazo teas in the past. 

Still life Strawberry, Nuts and Citrus by Raphaelle Peale

One of my all time favorite teas - Orange and Spice Herbal Tea

This Orange and Spice tea reminds me of my college days in Georgia, as the weather was getting cooler. I absolutely love this tea, and am sure anyone would like it that likes teas at all. The orange and citrus in it somehow smells so good when heated up with boiling water.

Main ingredients in this are orange peel, spices, hibiscus, roasted chicory and other natural orange flavors.

This is a good one to get if looking to mix up your usual teas, or try something new. You won't regret it. I am out, and need to get some more. This one is also by Bigelow, they have been around as long as I can remember.

A Favorite Tea - Blueberry Harvest

I have lots of favorite teas, so this is just one of them. Bigelow makes a great tea that my mother told me about, and its called Blueberry Harvest Herb Tea. Its pretty flavorful, and I like to have herb tea in the evenings when I can. It seems to be relaxing and peaceful to me. I know herbs are healthy too, so that can't hurt anything.

This tea is all natural an doesn't have any caffeine of course. Their boxes contain about 20 separately wrapped teas, so you can take them on the go, or when you travel.

The different things in this tea are rose hips, chamomile, hibiscus, and of course natural blueberry flavors. There is lemon peel in it as well, licorice root and little pieces of apple too.

I would recommend it, oh and one more little note here. Not sure if it applies, but in my studying about preventing cancers, blueberries come up sometimes. So there is another little plus for sure.

What about caffeine? My Caffeine Meter

Caffeine is part of what makes the world go round too, of course, haha. From the cocoa bean, to the coffee bean, to the tea leaf, just how much caffeine is in each final preparation?

Here is one way to look at it. Below is the average milligrams of caffeine in one 8 ounce cup of ________, or the equivalent. Starting with the highest milligrams first:

Double Espresso = 160

Drip Coffee = 90

Colas and the like = 45

A chocolate bar = 25

Decaffeinated Green Tea = 5

Decaffeinated Coffee = 5

Herbal Teas = 0

*Not claiming an exact science here, but you get the idea. I like to know these things for when I am craving a late night coffee or tea and need to sleep.