My Very First Cup of Coffee - A Happy Memory

My very first cup of coffee was served to me by my beloved grandmother. It was called, "Little Girl Coffee", I think to ease my mother's raised eyebrows, lol. You see, my grandmother was the spoiling type, and I was very much loved by her. Naturally, it wasn't long before my grandmother prepared that perfect cup!

My first cup tasted like heaven. It seemed to have the perfect blend of cream, sweetener, and good coffee. I was hooked, and I smiled and my grandmother smiled back. My mother, she rolled her eyes, lol, but smiled to as she walked out of the room.

Many people may not care for coffee, and I imagine sometimes that maybe they had a bad first cup or few. I have had some not so great coffee, so I can understand.

Tea, is another favorite of mine, and while coffee is an every day morning must, I am not sure which I like more! From strong coffee, to mochas, to cocoas, to black, green or herb tea, I love it all. What is your favorite?

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