What about caffeine? My Caffeine Meter

Caffeine is part of what makes the world go round too, of course, haha. From the cocoa bean, to the coffee bean, to the tea leaf, just how much caffeine is in each final preparation?

Here is one way to look at it. Below is the average milligrams of caffeine in one 8 ounce cup of ________, or the equivalent. Starting with the highest milligrams first:

Double Espresso = 160

Drip Coffee = 90

Colas and the like = 45

A chocolate bar = 25

Decaffeinated Green Tea = 5

Decaffeinated Coffee = 5

Herbal Teas = 0

*Not claiming an exact science here, but you get the idea. I like to know these things for when I am craving a late night coffee or tea and need to sleep.

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