A Favorite Tea - Blueberry Harvest

I have lots of favorite teas, so this is just one of them. Bigelow makes a great tea that my mother told me about, and its called Blueberry Harvest Herb Tea. Its pretty flavorful, and I like to have herb tea in the evenings when I can. It seems to be relaxing and peaceful to me. I know herbs are healthy too, so that can't hurt anything.

This tea is all natural an doesn't have any caffeine of course. Their boxes contain about 20 separately wrapped teas, so you can take them on the go, or when you travel.

The different things in this tea are rose hips, chamomile, hibiscus, and of course natural blueberry flavors. There is lemon peel in it as well, licorice root and little pieces of apple too.

I would recommend it, oh and one more little note here. Not sure if it applies, but in my studying about preventing cancers, blueberries come up sometimes. So there is another little plus for sure.

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