I Love Lemon - Tea Review

Bigelow makes a great lemon tea called "I Love Lemon." It is an herb tea, and since I love lemon and tea I had to try this. I may have tried it long ago, and just didn't remember.

What struck me partly, was the amount of different herbs put into it. Often, there isn't much, but it can still taste rather lemony. This tea looks like it has a great combination of flavors and kinds of herbs.

This lemon tea has rose hips, as you could probably imagine. It has lemongrass, lemon verbena, lemon peel, peppermint leaves, and hibiscus. Its chock full of great lemon flavor.

Up trying this tea again, while paying closer attention, I noticed the amazing aroma. You can definitely get some aromatherapy benefits out of sipping this tea! Take in the aroma, enjoy the lemon scents as well as the flavor. This tea has all the components in it that make me love a good tea. It states that you can make this iced as well, which I am sure is absolutely wonderful. Try it, and enjoy the healthful benefits as well that come from the great variety of herbs and plants included in this! I love it. It could be a favorite lemon tea for sure.

Thanks Bigelow, this is one great tea. I highly recommend it to others.

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